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Why Kres?

KRES (Karya Siber Mandiri) is a startup
cybersecurity company that was
established in 2020 with one major goal:
to disrupt the cybersecurity status quo.
We partner with our clients to enhance
their cyber confidence, threat immunity
and data-protection through our
comprehensive consulting, technology
engagements, managed security
services, and ability to innovate to
create new capabilities.

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Compliance ISO 27001

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO 27001)is a structured methodology for information security and used as a benchmark for protecting sensitive and private information. In essence, it's a framework for managing information security risk. ISO 27001 is often understood as an umbrella over other legal requirements, regulation and contractual standards. Due to its broad scope, achieving 27001 compliance can be challenging for many organizations, especially for organizations with limited resources. But organizations that adopt ISO 27001 compliance also demonstrate their commitment to high levels of informations security. A fundamental component of ISO 27001 compliance is creating and maintaining a comprehensive asset inventory. CyberShelter's compliance service give you asset discovery capabilities by combining essential discovery and inventory technologies to give you full visibility into the devices that are on your network.

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Our Mission

Our Mantra is Our Core Belief. We believe that companies should be able to operate in a safe and secure environment where innovation is heralded and privacy is protected. Our services allow companies to do what they do best without the added pressure of cyber threats. So run your business, and let us protect it.


The combination of SecFlow and DevSecOps

Security Plan

Security Monitoring

Security Response

Security Verification


What Solutions We Provide to Our Valued Customers

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Application Security

Finding vulnerabilities in your code is the first step in creating a secure application. The second is remediation, which requires knowledge, experience and specialized developers. What happens if you get stuck and don't know the right way to remediate? KRES provides you with access to Application Security Consultants, all former developers who have been in your shoes and have experience in developing applications and working through challenging remediations. With multiple ways to leverage these expert, our team is ready to make your remediations as fast and pain-free as possible.

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Security Training Program

As an innovative, authentic leader in the field of information security and being an integrated security partner. KRES doesn't apply a one-size fit all solution for our clients. We develop content and trainig based upon the culture, time, and availibility of the employees receiving the training.

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Digital Forensic Investigation

Our certified investigators can analyse all aspects of computer crime, computer misuse, hacking, data theft, IP (Intellectual Property) theft and other illegal computer felonies and prepare detailed report for prosecution and litigation.

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Risk Assessment

Every company should know where its strengths and weaknesses lie. IT operations and infrastructure are no different, you should be able to respond to a cyber-incident, restore operations and minimize damage to assets in a logical manner. This all begins with understanding what exactly you are trying to protect. A Risk Assessment is a great way to determine the value of IT asset, we can say it as IT assets risk assessment. The impact the loss of those assets would have on your business and helps you prioritize the most critical assets. We can help you understand how and where you store your data, evaluate the security measures that are being utilized and quantify the risk if your system is breached by risk assessment security audits.

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Security Operation Center

The Security Operations Center (SOC) is now an essential part of the protection plan and data protection system, reducing the level of exposure of information systems to both external and internal risks. The security operations center services aim to eliminate cyber threats by enabling early detection and reaction to any hacking incidents or data breaches. They improve the cybersecurity posture of organizations, and customers and employees trust the organizations to keep their data safe from the outside world. The SOC team helps in preventing data loss, thus maintaining brand integrity, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Additionally, the centralization and consolidation of cybersecurity functions cut costs on expensive technology.

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Penetration Testing

Some categories of vulnerabilities, such as authorization issues and business logic flaws, cannot be found with automated assessments and will always require a skilled penetration tester to identify them. KRES Penetration Testing uses a proven process to provide extensive and comprehensive security testing result for web, mobile, desktop, back-end and IoT applications. Our proven process delivers detailed result, including attack simulations. We get into your application so that others can't.

Why Choose Us

Vendor independence

KRES does not sell or take referral fees for any hardware, software, or vendor products. This is unique in the cybersecurity industry since most companies directly sell or resell products. KRES clients can be assured that we will provide the best recommendations, even free or low-cost options, if it meets the needs of the business and lowers risks and costs..


Integrated Cybersecurity Consulting

We are passionate about helping our clients accomplish both their security and business objectives. We developed a risk-centric threat modeling methodology aimed at applying security countermeasures that are commensurate to the possible impact that could be sustained from defined threat models, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and attack patterns.


Customer focused

We always try to provide one step ahead of our customer expectations.

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